Cellu-Spray for Home Owners

Using Cellu-Spray Cellulose Insulation is both healthy, weathly and wise for home owners:


  • Non-toxic: Our cellulose insulation does not off-gas. It doesn’t decompose. You could eat it, if you wanted to.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant: Boric acid, a mineral also used in eye drops, is added to our cellulose, which virtually eliminates mold and mildew. In addition, because of the way it’s installed, cellulose insulation reduces air movement in the walls, which is the cause of most moisture (condensation) in the walls which leads to mold growth.
  • Fire Retardant: Cellulose insulation is an approved part of the 46 UL-Approved Firewall Design. Our cellulose slows fires. In rural areas this can allow the fire department the time it needs to save a home. Unlike foam cellulose insulation produces no toxic smoke when exposed to fire. It can also be used between floors and in interior walls for added protection, and sound control.
  • Sound Controlling: You know the sound of children’s feet pounding on the floor above you, or a TV when you want to sleep? Cellulose insulation effectively dampens sound from the street and can be used between floors and in interior walls.
  • More Comfortable, Even Heat: Because cellulose insulation completely fills the bays or cavities when correctly installed air movement is reduced. This means fewer cold spots and drafts. You won't find your indoor winter air filtered through mice or mold infested fiberglass on it's way to your lungs as there is no air movement through the material.


Our cellulose insulation can reduce heating costs by up to 40% in new construction. We’re so sure that the manufacturer, Nu-Wool, guarantees it. Using detailed blueprints before construction begins, Nu-Wool offers homebuyers a three year guarantee on the amount of energy bills when Nu-Wool is properly installed by a certified Nu-Wool contractor. You will probably also need a smaller Heating and cooling system which we can help you size.

Existing buildings can also be insulated.


We’ve all been hearing about global warming and greenhouse gases. Did you know that buildings produce 48% of all greenhouse gases and 1/3 of the energy used in the US today? By properly insualting your house you are not only reducing the amount of fuel you use but also helping the planet.

Our insulation is made from recycled newspaper and is installed with virtually no waste. It is produced locally so it has low embodied energy. The production creates virtually no emissions. Manufacturing fiberglass for just one home generates over 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide and this doesn't take into account all of the energy that a poorly insulated home will use. Most importantly, cellulose insulation just plain works. It won't burn or rot, you won't find mold or mice in it and it is cheaper to heat and cool your home.

Simply put, it's the best way to insulate.