Cellu-Spray insulation was started by Tony Walker in the early 90s. From it's inception, Cellu-Spray was dedicated to using the best available technology to insulate a building. Tony sold the company to Hugh Davis in 2001 who bought a new spray truck incorporating the newest methods of spray installation using high pressure water lines. Sarah Burnham and Jonathan Tauer purchased the company in 2005.

Cellulose insulation can be installed in new construction by spraying the insulation into the open wall bays or by covering the wall bays with a mesh fabric and blowing through the fabric. This method is referred to as "dense pack" cellulose. In sloping ceilings it must be dense pack as the spray cellulose would fall out. In an attic space when it is blown in (not within a closed cavity) it is referred to as "loose fill" cellulose. In a retrofit application we need to drill through the existing sheathing (outside) or wall covering (inside) to dense pack the wall bays.

The majority of work that Cellu-Spray does is new construction but we have a lot of experience with rehab work as well, everything from small cabins to large commercial properties, rambling farm houses and old Victorian style homes.